I found a great overview of technology at Dynatrace to which I added a bunch of hyperlinks using html5 usemap. Note these links may not work with some mobile browsers when the site is being "responsive" please use the computer monitor icon in the top right before clicking the icons  (currently just one link is missing and there is one easter egg) enjoy

For the 12 Factors go here

For the current CNCF landscape go here


 Link to leading DevOps Tools and Platforms

Java Nodejs dotnet php nginx Spring Angular React MySQL SQLServer Oracle mongodb cassandra couchdb postgres Ansible Chef Puppet Saltstack terraform Jenkins TC OpenShift coudfoundry Docker App-Service apprenda DC/OS coreos DEIS kubernetes Mesos Swarm AWSECS Nomad Marathon TheDiegoRuntime Rocket Docker GKE LXC RHEL Windows Ubuntu SUSE coreos Atomic Debian Alpine AWS Azure OpenStack Rackspace GoogleCloud SoftLayer CenturyLink Move over a logo for the link :-)

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