TUXSOL provides technical consulting, leadership and DevOps support to organisations developing, deploying and operating secure distributed business-critical applications in private or public clouds. Our approach combines People, Process, Technology and Leadership to create business value :


  • people first always
  • technical team building and developing an engineering culture
  • respect for fellow professionals whatever their age, sex, race, experience and background
  • coaching with a focus on helping others succeed
  • fostering team ownership
  • humour and fun


  • agile
  • automate everything - DevOps
  • production change management¬†
  • incident process management
  • quality documentation
  • focus on business continuity and production stability


  • running LINUX since 1994 (kernel 0.95)
  • UNIX/LINUX CLI specialists
  • automation CI and CD pipelines
  • Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes (k8s), REST and gPRC APIs, microservices
  • system programming bash, python
  • Java EE application servers WebSphere and Tomcat
  • data tier REDIS, ORACLE, MySQL and DB2
  • troubleshooting, root cause analyse and performance tuning

Leadership by:

  • coaching
  • encouraging the freedom to explore
  • creating an inclusive team culture
  • delivering real results
  • helping others succeed
  • listening and sharing information
  • fostering common team goals, vision and strategy
  • possessing real hands on technical skills
  • collaborating across company boundaries


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